Dropper bottles, above all, offer a great deal of convenience

What they can make of glass. Take dropper bottles, also known as drop bottles. These bottles are considered the perfect cosmetic packaging, although the application possibilities of dropper bottles are very large and diverse.

Dropper bottles especially for applying eye drops

There are dropper bottles that are ideal for applying eye drops. For eye drops you should ideally choose a content of 15 milliliters. With the dropper bottles, it is easy to drip. This particular model of dropper bottles has a so-called guarantee closure and if you can use it to drip eye drops, then the glass bottle is therefore also suitable for other liquids.

The advantages of a glass bottle

With the better dropper bottles you can always drip in a very controlled way. Of course the glass bottles are refillable and in practice the bottles prove to be very suitable for storing cosmetic ingredients, solvents, light oils, paints and also salt solutions. Although these bottles are also available in plastic versions, a glass version is always preferable. This is because of the recyclability of glass, because of the fact that glass is very safe and is known to be impenetrable. In addition, glass is not porous. Therefore, a glass bottle has all the features that a storage bottle should have. Perfectly so.

Making dripping really easy

You have very small bottles, with room for only 1 milliliter of liquid. In most cases you will find a drop regulating cap with the bottle, so you will not be unpleasantly surprised by too many drops all of a sudden. A dropper bottle is also sometimes called a sample bottle for essential oils. You can use it in all cases for excellent and very dosed dripping and mix essential oils on the go with playful ease. Do you want a drop of lemon in your water? Then use the dropper bottle and you will get the desired drop in your glass.

Apothecary jars now mainly used for decoration

If you want extra protection for the contents of your bottle: Choose a version made of violet glass. UV radiation is then excluded and the liquid will keep longer. Are you someone who is fascinated by the glass products available on the market and would also like to discover decorative glass products? Then be sure to check out apothecary jars wholesale. You won’t know what you see and then discover how beautiful apothecary jars can be. While these jars were initially used to store medicines and herbs, they are now eye-catchers in your interior.