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Different Ways to Stay Safe When Studying Abroad

It is a great opportunity for every college students to study abroad because it will allow them to further advance their education, at the same time, learn about new places and new culture. However, it is also scary to move to a foreign country where you don’t know anything about the people living there and their culture. Read on to learn about how you can stay safe during your study abroad program.

Do Not Share Your Personal Information

It is nice to be open to new people you meet during your time away, however, you also have to keep some personal information from them. Avoid sharing your full name, the address of your host family, or any accommodation you have made to too many people. It is important to make sure that your address and contact information are all in a safe place so that you can go to your destination safely. You will also take some take to get acquainted to your new surroundings you may get lost at first.

Travel in Groups

Every time you go out or traveling in your host country, make sure to stay in a big group. The more person you go with, the safer it is. If you do not have a big group to travel, have at least one person as your travel companion. Avoid walking on the dark streets at night and always stay alert of your surroundings. Avoid also making any unnecessary stops along your way, and design a well-lit and direct path from one place to another.

Know Something about Your Surroundings

Right before you move abroad, learn as many things as much as possible about the place and its inhabitants. Does your route of travel go through a high-crime place or dangerous neighborhood? Study as much as you can about their public transport also. Taxi cabs, subways, buses, and popular tourist destinations are where most non-native and tourist are targeted. Stay away from cabs that are not registered to the city. Never accept a free ride from a stranger, despite having to walk really far. Learning how the public transport system works allows you to blend in well as a native.

Learn Their Language

Speaking the language of your host country is essential for staying safe. When you do not understand what other say to you or around you, you can easily get into a lot of trouble. Speaking their language also means respecting your host country and its native settlers. In addition, when you can communicate effectively, you will look more confident. Learning their language is a way to learn about their culture.

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