Why Online Degrees Offer Flexibility for People with a Busy Lifestyle

The internet has created several great opportunities for nurses who seek to further their careers. The convenience and adaptability of online learning have made it possible for many individuals to pursue nursing at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The availability of online degree programs has increased thanks to developments in online education technologies.

For example, as a nurse, you will probably be wondering if an online degree will be beneficial to you. You might have seen some of your colleagues or friends grow in their profession and thought that you would like to do that yourself. Enrolling in master’s programs such as UIndy online MSN programs can help you take your nursing career to the next level and attain a rewarding career in advanced practice nursing and healthcare leadership.

Below are some reasons why now would be a good time to act on that thought.

The shortage of nurses

Competent nurses are in high demand, and that need is only expected to rise. Between 2016 and 2026, the federal government anticipates a significant rise in the nursing workforce. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing profession will grow by more than 438,000 additional positions.

A nursing degree online is convenient

You don’t need to sacrifice everything to make time for education anymore. Earning a degree online gives students the flexibility to fit their studies into their busy schedules. Those working professionals who are also pursuing higher education will find this particularly important. It is now possible for anybody with access to the internet to complete a degree program and have it recognized internationally.

The alternatives

In online nursing degree programs, students have the freedom to choose their learning curve. A competency-based RN-to-BSN curriculum is available, for example. Students may advance more rapidly through the course sequence to show their mastery of the material.

Helping hands

Many still feel that those who pursue a degree online are on their own. However, this is not the case. Chat rooms and discussion forums are incorporated into many online courses to facilitate student-to-student and student-to-instructor communication. Some educational institutions go beyond that. For instance, each student is assigned an advisor who serves as their success coach and provides guidance and assistance in goal-setting, time management and prioritization.

Accreditation for quality online courses

This is often achieved in the same manner as conventional, on-campus degree programs. Furthermore, many learners like distance education because of its numerous benefits, adaptability and convenience.

Nursing career advancement

Getting a BSN is a great way to further your education. It also paves the way for future nursing courses to be offered online. After obtaining their BSN, some nurses choose to pursue an MSN. By focusing on developing future healthcare leaders in the nursing profession, these courses help students to achieve their professional goals. In addition, they provide students with knowledge of cutting-edge research methods, medical technologies and patient care practices.